Centrale Bergham was founded in Montreal and quickly grew beyond the island, onto its shores, and the neighboring province of Ontario. The well loved franchise invites you to Enjoy it Together™, the food, the specialities and the moments you share with your friends and family.


Centrale Bergham is the perfect location to bring your loved ones to enjoy a flavour packed meal. With tastes from around the world, you will crave their sauces, sandwiches, wings, poutines, salads, and burgers.


Only second to its welcoming ambiance is Centrale Bergham’s desire to impact the community in a positive way. Centrale Bergham’s mission is not only to offer the perfect hang out spot for the community, but also to give back and help in any way it can. This is seen through their dedication to help nurses during Covid-19 times, shelters, and even individuals affected by the 2007 Quebec floods.


This casual food chain is for you if you love bringing people together and offering high quality food at an affordable price.