Mont Tacos

The original French tacos

Founded in Montreal, the Mont Tacos brand imports an innovative concept of fast food based on an authentic product, the French tacos. Bringing European flavors to Montreal,

Mont Tacos opened its first restaurant in Côte-des-neiges in 2019.

Their originality? An original cheese sauce; this sauce was discovered in 2004 from the French Alps and by 2013 it became a standard product used in French cuisine.

Mont Tacos’ core mission is to maximize the customer experience through personalized tacos, based on a French recipe, revisited and branded by Canadian flavors. There are thousands of possible compositions to meet everyone’s taste. Through these original

flavors, offered in a modern and warm setting, Mont Tacos is the perfect place to be for a European experience in the comfort of your city.


This food chain is for you if you love European flavors and want to offer a warm setting and experience to your customers.