Who we are.

Genesys Group is a Canadian food corporation dedicated to providing opportunities of growth and financial success to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors.

Our portfolio consists of the following brands: Bergham, Lokma, Mont Tacos and Fête à Crêpe. What started as a love for food has now successfully grown to over 20+ locations across Eastern Canada.

Composed of a diverse team of specialists with years of industry experience, we provide everything in-house. From the creation of mouthwatering menus to location scouting and interior restaurant design; this is what sets us apart and makes Genesys Group a franchise powerhouse.

With a growth mindset and a focus on expansion, Genesys is the number one choice for franchisees and investors.

What are you waiting for? Start your journey with Genesys today.

Total sales in Millions
Clients served per week


Our development team will assist you in location scouting and negotiations to provide you an ideal location for your restaurant. Working closely with our architect and interior designers we will aid you in the creation and design and construction of your restaurant. 


During the start-up phase, our operations team will support you from the hiring to the training of your team.


With an in-house marketing team, we take care of the development of the marketing strategy, graphic design and media placements.